Workshop: Healing and Transforming Self and the Wasteland

October27 - 282018

Healing and Transforming Self and the Wasteland

Two-Day Workshop (16 hours of training)

Throughout our lives, we experience numerous calls to seek new learning or adventure, face various personal and collective challenges, and contribute our gifts to a world that needs us. At this historic Time of paradigm shifts, upheavals, and what some might describe as a ‘Wasteland’ experience, our Best Selves are being called forth to Step Up and support each other in ‘Seeding the Chaos’ with the values, visions, and compassionate energy we need for a Healing Emergence into a New Story. The Journey of the Heroine/Hero stands as a model for how we might identify, accept, and move through this critical, yet exciting, challenge. During this weekend workshop we’ll explore an overview of that mythic model in community with others, following the three primary phases of this transformational process: Call, Journey, and the Return. Drawing upon the Sociometric Wheel, Celtic myths and tales, action methods, and expressive arts, participants will have the opportunity to: Understand more deeply the underlying components in this Mythic Model and how Death, the Feminine in Self and Society, and Compassion for Self and Others are integral parts of it; Identify and reflect upon their most recent Call, Journey, and/or Return – and their place in this process; Identify and work with Compassionate Allies who show up to support them in facing the challenges of each phase, including the ritual passage from one phase to another, when appropriate; Access roles that can deepen their understanding of and experience with action methods and their use; and Reflect on how their learning might be incorporated personally and/or professionally after the workshop.

Dates:  October 27-28, 2018 (9a-5p)
Location : 868 Melton Dr, Mississauga, ON
Cost:   $320


MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess PhD, TEP

Cathy (MaryCatherine) integrates her experience as a teacher; workshop and retreat facilitator; shamanic practitioner; university chaplain/minister; psychodramatist (began training in 1979) and trainer (TEP in 2010 – student of Donna Little, with Ann Hale); musician; human relations consultant; author; CTT facilitator with Barrett Values Centre; graduate facilitator for the IONS Conscious Aging program; pilot facilitator for Death Makes Life Possible workshops; licensed mental health practitioner in Nebraska; facilitator of the Boundless Compassion program; student of Jean Houston’s Mystery School; research fellow, honorary fellow, and teacher of The Power of Myth and the Hero’s Journey and Enacting Personal and Collective Stories courses at the University of Edinburgh; and co-planner, co-organizer, and co-presenter of numerous Divine Feminine and Feminist Spirituality conferences, workshops, and retreats in the USA and the UK. She lives primarily in Edinburgh, Scotland, but also in Omaha, NE, USA.


868 Melton Dr, Mississauga, ON

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